PSA: Android Oreo may prefer Mobile data over Wi-Fi when both are activated

It’s been two weeks since the latest Android Operating System Android Oreo was launched. Android Oreo comes with really cool features such as picture-in-picture (PIP) mode, Notifications Visual Cleanup, Notification Badges, Always-On Display Updates, Instant Apps, and Autofill for apps.

Since the update is new, different users are experiencing different kinds of things on Oreo. While the persistent “apps running in background” notification is annoying some, others are facing battery issues.

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In the latest discovery, a Reddit user has reported that Android Oreo prefers Mobile data over Wi-Fi connection when both are active. Usually under the normal circumstances, if both are active preference is given to Wi-Fi and not to Mobile data. However, apparently, Oreo is giving preference to mobile data.

This is okay with people having unlimited data but for those who are on limited mobile data plans, it’s an alarming news. So if you are on Android Oreo, do check the internet connection your device is using when both are active. To check, you can download Internet Speed Meter Lite from the Google Play Store.

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You should also go to the Developer settings on your device and check if “Mobile data always active” is turned on. If it is on, turn it off. To enable Developer settings, go to Settings – About- tap Build number 7 times. You will get “Developer Settings” under the main Settings.

Source: Reddit

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