Protect Your Android Device from Shellshock Bash Bug with Patched Bash for Android

Bash has long been an important tool for UNIX based operating systems. It’s used in MacOS X and all Linux OSs, including Android. However, a Shellshock vulnerability was recently discovered in BASH, and while most desktop OSs based on UNIX were patched instantly, Android devices are still running the vulnerable BASH.

Shellshock vulnerability was discovered on 12th Sept. 2014, to learn about the security related with the bug, head over to this page at Wikipedia.

It should be noted here that if your Android device is not rooted than you don’t need to worry about the Shellshock bash bug as bash is not even present on your device. However, if your Android device is rooted or you’re running a custom ROM then chances are that you’ve a vulnerable version of bash present on your device.

Thanks to XDA user, 3lo0sh, for creating patched bash for Android devices. You’ll need root access and a root explorer app to install it on your device.

 icon-download Download Patched Bash

How to Install Patched Bash on Android

  1. Download the patched bash file from the link above.
  2. Using a root explorer app (we recommend ES File Explorer), transfer the bash file to /system/xbin directory on your Android device.
  3. After transferring, change permission of the bash file to 777 (tick all the 9 check boxes for Owner, Group and Other)
  4. That’s it. You should now have patched bash on your Android device

To run bash, download/install Terminal emulator on your device and run bash command from there.

via XDA

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