[Video] Toshiba exhibits swappable 5MP and 13MP camera modules for Project Ara

Project Ara is a continuing effort by Google to create a modular smartphone which will allow you to swap critical components in and out. With this feature, you can have just the right phone for your specific needs. And yes, by critical components, it is safe to assume that it also means the onboard camera. Well, wouldn’t it be good if you could pick the camera for your phone rather pick the phone for the camera? With this, you could upgrade or replace different parts of the phone.

Many companies are working on the modules and one of them is Toshiba. It has taken a great role in contributing to the project by developing the first ever swappable camera modules for the ecosystem. The cameras on Google’s Project Ara phones will be enclosed in a swappable module. So, one would be able to upgrade their shots by replacing the existing camera piece with a better one.

Toshiba showcased some camera designs recently at the Modular Phones Forum. From this, it was reported that company was creating 3 different modules, a 2MP front camera and 5MP/13MP rear cameras. It is most likely that this development plan would be completed sometime in 2016. At least, that’s when it’s scheduled for.



Project-Ara-Camera-Module Project-Ara-Camera-Module-2 Project-Ara-Camera-Module-3 Project-Ara-Camera-Module-4
Via: PetaPixel