[PORT] Download Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Launcher and Keyboard for Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4, Note 3

Thanks to the leaked system dump of Galaxy S6, we managed to grab good stuff like Galaxy S6 ringtones and wallpapers to share with you. But what about the cool new apps from the shiny new Flagship from Samsung? Well, thanks to the folks over at choimobile.vn, we now even have some of Galaxy S6 Apps ported over to work on Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4 and Note 3.

And yes the new TouchWiz launcher is one of them!

Below is the full list of Galaxy S6 apps ported for all Lollipop running Samsung phones:

  • AccuweatherPhone2015
  • SecMyFiles2015
  • SamsungIMEv2
  • TouchWizHome_ZERO
  • WallpaperPicker_Zero
  • SecCalculator2015
  • GalaxyApps_3xh_zero

The ports, however, require you to have a custom recovery installed on your device as they’re all available as recovery flashable zips only. All apps are available for download at the link below:

 icon-download Download Galaxy S6 Apps port

via choimobile
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  • got2trythis

    I just found this. Tried it on Note4 910C and it works great. The only problem is the Status Bar is in Black and not transparent as per your pictures. Is there a way you can fix this. This is too annoying and it is shame since this is really a great launcher and a great port.

    • Massimiliano

      Can you tell me how you have done this?… I want Accuweather widget above all..

  • alkathiri

    Please how can I add themes ??

  • Bruno

    Does it work on 4.4.2 on s5?
    It is not working here ! :/

  • Yaj

    when you select gallery when using camera, it will say “the gallery stopped”

  • Abdullah

    Hey can u port s6 pop up multiwindow app for s5??

  • work with cm12.1/cm12??

  • Anirudh

    will it work on s4 mini duos running cm12.1

  • Ho can I restore My original galaxy S5 launcher?