PlexFit lets you connect your Pebble Smartwatch to Google Fit

Only recently, Pebble began supporting Android wear apps. This means the apps that support Android wear will now work on your Pebble smartwatch too. Now Pebble is trying to stay ahead of the curve by integrating Google Fit into the Pebble smartwatch via PlexFit, a new fitness tracking app from BiDuSoft.

Plexfit was designed using the latest health tracking algorithm which allows you to track various fitness and health statistics through the Pebble smartwatch. The app silently works in the background so you need not bother about looking on to your wrist all the time.

PlexFit has been designed to consume very low battery and little RAM. BiDuSoft claims that the PlexFit app on Pebble runs for nearly 6 consecutive days on one full charge.

Pebble is still the best smartwatch in many smartwatch fans eyes due to its long-lasting battery in comparison to other Android wear watches.

In spite of all these features Pebble has a tough competition from Samsung and the upcoming Apple Watch.

via: neowin