Play Snake Game Again with New Features and Style!

I’m sure everyone remembers the famous game Snake on the older Nokia phones. We’ve all spent countless hours trying to beat the previous high score of own or that set by our friends and siblings. Get that same essence of the Snake game on your Android smartphone with the 0-SNAKE game.

0-SNAKE is a redesigned version of the original game with a twist. There is only one rule and one control: 1 touch. It is really very surprising that a game so addicting as 0-SNAKE only has one control. The design of the game is very minimalistic, which makes it a delight to play. It also has Google Play Games support, which means you can sign in using your Google account and compete with other players worldwide. Now that’s a playground you wouldn’t want to miss!

The game has 3 modes, which leaves little room for anyone to get bored of playing the game. It is available for free on the Play Store. There are no advertisements, either. I would have to warn you though; it is very addictive (I was hooked almost instantly).

Relive the nostalgia using the link below!


Video Overview of 0-SNAKE

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