Pink Xperia XZ with purple tint is headed to China

The leaked pics of the Xperia XZ dressed up beautifully in the purple-ish pink color is winning our hearts. No really. It’s so, so beautiful that it makes us completely forget about the specs and everything else, including our dedicated love for stock UI and seamless updates on 7.1.1.

Anyway, we better stop drooling over this pink Xperia XZ BTW, as this seems a China-exclusive right now. It says in old books and everywhere else that a pic is worth cool 1K words, but in the case of this almost-purple-while-pink Xperia XZ, man, words just can’t describe the beauty.

In case you didn’t know, the Xperia XZ was due for Nougat release in October as leaked document, but that hasn’t happened, although Nougat beta is out for X Performance, while both will receive the stable Android 7.0 Nougat update together, it’s expected. So, yes, all in all, a November or December release of Android 7.0 update for Xperia XZ is very likely.

Now, drool over all the pics of Xperia XZ pink colored.

Pink Xperia XZ Photos

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