Original Galaxy A5 (2015) to get Marshmallow update real soon

Here’s a reason why we think the users of original Galaxy A5 (2015 edition, model no. A500x) are going to rock Marshmallow update very soon.

Well, we’ve spotted some Galaxy A5 sets from Korea, denoting model no. of SM-A500K/L/S/F1, certified at our favorite Wi-Fi authority, all the more running Android 6.0. And that makes us believe that the A5 2015’s Marshmallow update isn’t far now.

Uh BTW, the exact Android version mentioned is Android 6.0, not Android 6.0.1, so maybe there is some work to be done to get that special .1 at the end.

Because Samsung originates from Korea, and more importantly, their software team is based in Korea, it’s not surprising to see the Korean models getting first taste of Android 6.0 update.

So, even though A5 2015 is still making do with the Lollipop’s first iteration, version 5.0.x, the BIG Marshmallow update is definitely coming soon other A5 models like to A500H, A500F, A500FY, A500i, A500G, A500-whatever. Maybe within a month, what do you say?

BTW, keep an eye on our Galaxy A5 firmware page to download the latest build available of the device, including that of Marshmallow. The Galaxy A5 2016 already rocks Marshmallow, BTW.

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  • ;D in your firmware page, can you please add a section for A500FU please? Thanks!

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