Looks like Marshmallow update release for original Droid Turbo is very close now

We know many Droid Turbo users are patiently waiting for the Marshmallow update. Well, things could shape up for good in near future, as we’ve already spotted a Droid Turbo (model XT1254) running Android 6.0 build, in the docs at certain Wi-Fi certification agency. See that screenie above?

Over a month and a half has gone past since Verizon turned kind enough on Droid Turbo 2 users and gave them a goodie known as Marshmallow, and ever since curiosity about the same update for original Droid Turbo has only grown.

Sure, the update was destined to be released at some point, because Motorola gave it a space of its own at this hopeful page called ‘You home for upgrades’ where it listed all of its devices pre-planned for the 6.0 update.

The certificate says that the firmware version is 4.3, but that doesn’t mean much as Motorola follows a different style of software version, and Droid Turbo currently sits at 23.21.49.

So, when we could see the Droid Turbo Marshmallow update release? Well, it could be still a few weeks away, in not a month. Don’t worry about smashing the ‘check for update’ button right away, let us tell you when. In the mean time, keep in touch.

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