Origibot is a WebRTC-enabled Telepresence Robot that Works with your Android device

The Origibot is an affordable telepresence robot that pairs with your Android device to perform daily chores such as doing the dishes or to bringing mother her medicine. The catch here is you can connect remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet-capable gadget via the company’s secure Cloud service. Origibot is right now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

You can have two-way audio and video in addition to a full control over the robotic movement including the arm, and gripper.

The Origibot is crafted from the scratch using of-the-shelf components including aluminum extrusion and a few 3D plastic parts. The robot’s body and arms are just the right length so that it can navigate easily in tight spaces and crowded rooms. The final product will arrive with an adjustable device mount to hold Android devices of all sizes up to a 10-inch display. The Origibot’s Arduino sketch will also be available so you can modify commands and tweak parameters yourself.

What are the tasks performed by the Origibot? As the video shows, the Origibot is equipped to successfully handle common tasks such as  open, close, lock or unlock doors, fetch you water, and even bring grandma her meds.


The Oirgibot is WebRTC-enabled and offers minimal lag over broadband. As with all Indiegogo campaigns, there are different backing price points. If you are interested in full robotic experience you can shell out $329 on early bird basic Origibot. The robot will ship to backers in August 2015 and will sell with a price tag of $899.