Oppo R7 to feature a full metal unibody with 48 finishes

The Oppo R7 has been generating a fair amount of waves ever since it was announced. After the 2.5D display glass which generated quite enough hype on its own, we now have the metallic unibody the device will feature to gloat over.

While earlier leaks had suggested the presence of metal, the most recent ones point towards a completely metal unibody. What’s more, the device has been put through 48 finishing process and —  although a tad bit surprised that there is anything left — we are sure that the result would be something quite stunning to behold.

The other features of the R7 are just as impressive, you have a 4.7-inch 1080p display, a staggering 20.7-megapixel rear camera with everything powered by an Octa-core MediaTek processor. Indeed, the only fuss-worthy thing found was the 2000mAh battery — which is less than what most other devices of the same class are offering, but then the chinese manufacturer has added VOOC fast charging to the package.

The device also comes with a slight curvature around the edges that according to the company is there to make for a more comfortable grip besides improving the overall look and feel of the device. The curvature also accommodates the curved 2.5D glass Oppo is using for its display.

For now, we eagerly await Oppo’s event which is scheduled for later this month for further details. Until then, if Oppo’s latest has you as excited as it has us, stay tuned as we do our best to bring you more on this and all things android.

Source: Phandroid