Oppo N1 Mini Specs Goes Official in China

The Chinese Smart Phone manufacturer Oppo has revealed the specs of the Oppo N1 mini Officially in China today. This device is supposed to be the miniature version of its elder sibling Oppo N1 which has a whopping  5.9 inch screen, but instead i think we’re gonna get way more than actually bargained. The Oppo N1 mini comes with a 5 inch display which is definitely way out of league for the mini-tagged Android devices. Most flagship devices even comes with a 5 inch screen, but this is the first time we are witnessing a 5 inch screen on a mini device.

The design and looks of the Oppo N1 mini shares the resemblance of its elder sibling Oppo N1 with the remarkable Swiveling Camera which acts as both Front and back camera. But Oppo did do some changes to the Oppo N1 mini by launching the device in different colors rather than sticking to the White and Black colors of Oppo N1. As of now, the device comes in Blue, Pink and Yellow colors which are definitely bright and we’re expecting a good quality, but we’ve to wait until he device comes to the market.

The screen of the device is reduced to a 5 incher and sports a 720p display unlike the Oppo N1 which has a Full HD 1080p display. It seems like Oppo has finally found a way to overcome the problems in their earlier design, the Oppo N1 device sporting a 5.9 inch screen weighed a mammoth 213 gms which is really not impressive on any grounds. The new counterpart has got rid of those issues we guess, as the Oppo N1 mini weighs 150 gms which is bearable.

The camera has been carried to the mini version without any changes, may be because of its uniqueness we suppose. The Swiveling camera is a new design in Smart Phones which lets you rotate the camera to any possible angle, so you can use it both as a Front and back camera. The Camera features a 13 MP Sony Exmor sensor with f/2.0 aperture. So you can use the same 13 MP camera for taking selfies too.


The device comes with LTE connectivity and hosts the latest Android Kitkat in the form of Oppo’s Customized Color OS 1.4. It’s a bit disappointing that the battery is reduced from 3,610 mAh to 2,140 mAh but it is inevitable for cost cutting and the 2140 mAh battery could suffice a full day usage considering the specs. There’s no word on the Chipset, RAM and the storage front, so considering its predecessor we assume that the Oppo N1 mini might feature a 1 GB RAM and a 16 GB storage (Speculations only). There’s been rumors that it might feature either MediaTek MT6592 or an Exynos 5422 SoC.

So let’s wait until all the features are official or the device to launch which could possibly be in this or the beginning of the next Quarter .

Official Specifications:

  • 5 inch 720p display
  • Weighs 150 gms
  • 13 MP Rotating Camera
  • LTE Connectivity
  • 2140 mAh battery
  • KitKat based Color OS 1.4

via Oppo