Oppo may be mulling over the launch of a bezel less device

Chinese manufacturer “Oppo” is quite well known for the unique designs it produces which are in quite a league apart from ordinary devices. One just needs to take a look at the N3 with its swiveling camera or the Ultra thin R5 to know the truth of the matter.  However, a recent news that came out of china points towards the fact that the manufacturer is getting ready with its biggest launch yet.


Published via My Drivers, the image depicts a brand new Oppo device that is completely bezel less. The inspiration for this seems to stem from the “Sharp Aquos Crystal phone” which came out only last year. However Oppo’s phone is quite a bit different from the “Aquos crystal” considering that the device exhibits ultra thin bezels at the sides. The bezels at the top and the bottom are a bit imposing but hey, we have an edge to edge screen here anyways.


From what we have heard, the company has only recently patented a brand new technology that allows it to refract light and create the illusion of a bezel less display while also managing to conceal the electronic components that are present at the sides. Piecing these two together, it would be a fair guess to say that Oppo is using this tech in its upcoming device.


Now of course, the fact remains that these images may be just clever fabrications. However, we don’t think so — for a variety of reasons. First off, the last device from Oppo — the Find 7 — was released over a year ago, so it really is time for the company to launch another. Also, the science used in this phone while certainly new is not making its debut seeing as how this same tech was used in the Sharp Phone. Then again there is the fact that My Drivers is a pretty reliable source of info as far as Chinese leaks are concerned.

Lets hope Oppo lets us have something official soon.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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