Download Stock OnePlus 2 Wallpapers from OxygenOS 2.0

Update (July 31, 2015): Download all OnePlus 2 wallpapers from the direct link here (mirror link). Well, your wish comes true. Here is the OxygenOS 2.0’s default wallpaper — Never Settle — that graces the homescreen of OnePlus 2. And it’s in Full HD resolution this time around. Go grab it. Download the Wallpaper here. And there are more backgrounds unleash, in fact all of them most probably.

Original Post: We know many of you are craving for that wallpaper — one that was resting on OnePlus 2’s homescreen as seen in launch photos. Well, it’s available for your download, but do know it’s in ultra low resolution of 182 x 323 pixels, and sized only 15.66 KB. Of course, it’s plainly won’t-do-for-me for almost everyone. But we have our eyes set on better resolution of this, so be sure to check back this page later as we’ll be sue to share it once it’s available.

God help if you have a Note 4 in hand, or a whale of a Nexus 6, and are thinking about trying this one. This resolution wallpaper would have been do-able for the first Galaxy S device, and the Galaxy S2 (both had 480 x 800 pixels resolution) but today, only if you are crazy for this wallpaper — which you may be unsurprisingly — would you go for it. To download, just right click on the wallpaper above and save it on your PC/device. Thanks to jigard13 for sharing it!

Other Stock Wallpapers you may wanna look at:

Via neyzen69 and alphaplus
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  • kris

    Can’t download without installing mega app in phone chrome 🙁

    • Okay, let me get you a good link then.

    • Post updated with a direct link. Fast and one-click. Go ahead and download it. And feel free to share with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.