OnePlus teases a new product set to release in April

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei recently made an announcement that the startup would be introducing a new product category next month. So, tech enthusiasts started bringing out obvious guesses like a tablet or a smartwatch. Although these would’ve been exciting, sadly, they were put down by the executive. So now, what exactly is this new product category that OnePlus plans on releasing this April?

Moreover, Pei refrained from giving any other details. Even with the tablet and smartphone ruled out, we would still have a number of possibilities. For instance, the company could unveil an activity tracker or its own set-up box! Also, there is the possibility of branded speakers or a smart television. Some of you would think that the OnePlus Two is what the company is talking about. But, Pei clearly stated that the new device wouldn’t be a smartphone. So, it pretty much rules that one out.

Speaking on tablets, the executive said that he doesn’t want OnePlus to start developing tablets as no one in the industry is currently profiting from tablets due to the increasing phablet sales. The company did a really excellent job on its first smartphone.  So, whatever the device may be, we are all definitely excited about it!

Although some of the speculations above seem crazy, they all have equal chances! For all we know, it could be a OnePlus Chromebook! Well, it’ll be out in the next month, so we have nothing to do but wait. Still, you could have your own predictions about the mystery device. Who knows? You might even get it right!

Via: PhoneArena