OnePlus to start shipping OnePlus One from today, software issues resolved

OnePlus has been upsetting customers with software issues and shipment delays of its One device. The company released its first mobile device this summer, but the software bugs held it back. Despite of  large anticipation and hype for the “2014 flagship killer”, it appeared botched in reserving the public goodwill.

Anyway, the software issues that reportedly caused the delay are now solved, and devices should begin shipping soon. OnePlus One stated regarding the issues and delays as:

 We did choose to delay the shipment of the first phones in order to make sure the software was secure and provided the best possible user experience. The CyanogenMod team worked very quickly and efficiently and the Open SSL issues have already been fixed. The first OnePlus Ones ship to early users with invites as early as tomorrow.

The reason behind the delay was the vulnerabilities found in the Open SSL encryption protocol, which prompted the team to issue a last minute patch to the OnePlus One CM11S firmware and it requires a period of QA testing and re-certification. As all the issues are solved now, people can put their money on this device which received its first update even before it released.


  • roberthenderson

    Fantastic, I’m on Verizon, so i can’t get it but i love more competition. CM is great and the choice of capacitive (