OnePlus One Now on Open Sale Forever, No More Invites

oneplus invites

The OnePlus One smartphone was launched in April last year and it went on sale in the month of June. Though it has been almost a year, the Chinese firm made its smartphone available for purchase only via an invite system and this was to strike a balance between the demand for the killer flagship device and its supply.

Today, the firm held an event and it teased the same since the last week. While it was expected to unveil the OnePlus 2 and a cheaper ‘Lite’ variant of the same, the firm has come up with great news for the OnePlus fans not able to grab the device due to its invite system.

Well, celebrating a successful year of the OnePlus One, the firm has ditched the invite system for the smartphone forever. Yes! The OnePlus One smartphone will no more be available for sale via invites and it will go on an open sale from today across the globe. Notably, it will be available for sale every day of the week like the other usual devices in the market.


However, when the OnePlus 2 gets announced officially later this year, it will be made available only via invites initially. It is claimed by the firm that OnePlus 2 will bring challenges as it arrives into the market and that the invite system will keep them safe from the risk.

The celebrations do not end with the announcement of the open sales of the OnePlus One forever. The firm is providing 75 percent discount on the OnePlus accessories such as Flip Covers and Premium Screen Protectors for 24 hours. Also, the Bamboo StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus One will also be available for sale without an invite until the stocks last.

Notably, these promotions are applicable only to the American, European, Taiwanese, Canadian and Hong Kong markets. However, the invite system has been ditched for the smartphone across the globe.

Source: OnePlus