OnePlus drops another teaser for its upcoming “Game Changer” device, could be a Gamepad for Smartphones

Earlier this month during the MWC, OnePlus told us that it’ll be entering a new product category. We weren’t told what the new product will be, but it confirmed that it’s definitely not a Smartphone, Smartwatch or a Tablet, and that it’s set to be unveiled in April.

That was enough teaser for the OnePlus fans to get all excite for the next product from the makers of 2014 Flagship killer, OnePlus One. But the company has just dropped another teaser that makes you take a few more guesses on the upcoming device, and is very confident to even call it a “Game Changer” as well.

But of course, what this new product could be? OnePlus has shared a few teaser images for us to throw our guesses. Take a look at the pictures below and let us know what comes to your mind.

About our guess? Well, we think it’s gonna be either a Gamepad for your Smartphone/Tablet OR an Android-powered “Box” that connects to your TV for the fun of entertainment and also serve as a great Gaming console. What say?

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Source: OnePlus
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