OnePlus announces OnePlus 3T without actually doing it

Today is the day OnePlus announces the OnePlus 3T, its upgrade over its popular and successful OnePlus 3 set, that brings improvements in processor, camera and battery capacity. But the OnePlus 3T already looks official, even when the event is yet to start, as the OnePlus’s own site shows a dedicated page for the OnePlus 3T. Here. That’s you image at top.

What’s more? Their development project page at Github — what else — also has a branch named after OnePlus 3T. See the image below.


So, with rumored price of $480, and more firing power and battery life in sight along with better camera, the OnePlus 3T is all set for proper official announcement today.

You buying one? Or would you just sit tight for the big launch, the OnePlus 4, whose specs recently were rounded up in the rumor mill, too?

Via Steve | Krispitech

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