OnePlus announcement on the 1st: OnePlus two or a global price cut?

OnePlus recently tweeted a teaser that talked about something remarkable that was going to happen on the 1st of june. Initially, we speculated about the possibility of a OnePlus Two announcement however, it may just be that the company is about to announce a global price cut for the OnePlus.

According to a report that just came in from various sources, OnePlus may be about to reduce the price of its One Plus One by $50 — which is pretty awesome. The revised prices will mean that, while the 64GB model of the handset can be bought for $298, the 16GB version would be available for only $248.

But then again rumors of a OnePlus two have been floating around aplenty as well and we may just find ourselves face to face with the much awaited smartphone come the 1st of June. Let’s wait and watch.

More on this as we get it!

Source: GsmArena