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OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro: All you need to know

In a considerably short time, OnePlus has established itself as one of the big players in the world of smartphones. The Chinese OEM combines bleeding-edge hardware with near-stock Android — OxygenOS — to deliver best-in-class smartphone experience.

After giving the established heavy-hitters a run for their money with the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, the company is gearing up to launch the OnePlus 7T. Usually, OnePlus launches the ‘T’ variants to freshen up its flagship’s internals without changing too much on the outside. And we expect the company to follow suit this time as well.

Check this space to learn all about OnePlus’ upcoming flagships OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro.


OnePlus hasn’t confirmed anything yet, so, view the spec sheet below for the two rumored devices, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro, as reference only.

OnePlus 7T

  • 6.55-inch, 2K, Super AMOLED, 90hz display
  • Snapdragon 855+ SoC
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128/256GB storage
  • 48MP, f/1.6 wide; 8 MP, f/2.4 telephoto; 16 MP, f/2.2 ultrawide
  • 16MP, f/2.0 front camera
  • 3,800mAh battery with fast charging
  • Android 10

OnePlus 7T Pro

  • 6.67-inch 2K, Super AMOLED, 90hz display
  • Snapdragon 855+ SoC
  • 8/12GB RAM (McLaren edition)
  • 256GB storage
  • 48MP, f/1.6 wide; 8 MP, f/2.4 telephoto; 16 MP, f/2.2 ultrawide
  • 16MP, f/2.0 front camera
  • 4085mAh battery with Warp Charge 30T
  • Android 10

As you can see, the spec sheet is almost identical to the current OnePlus 7 Pro, with the only changes coming in departments such as processor, display, and battery. The OnePlus 7T could also offer a few additional color options.

Release Date

  • Set to launch in India first on September 26th
  • US launch touted for October 10

Until this point, OnePlus has maintained the tradition of unveiling its ‘T’-branded flagships in November. But, according to famous leakster Max J, the Chinese OEM will prepone the release this time around. Max J, through a tweet, has claimed that the OnePlus 7T will be launched in India on September 26th, with the US/European release scheduled for October 10th. He has also revealed that the first sale will be held on October 15th.


While we don’t know much about OnePlus 7T’s specifications, we know even less about its pricing. Last year, the OnePlus 6T had a starting price of $549 (6GB/128GB) — only $20 more than OnePlus 6’s (6GB/64GB) introductory price.

If we adhere to that logic and consider OnePlus 7 Pro’s introductory price of $669 as base, OnePlus 7T should start around $689/699. However, according to rumors, the company will bring a 5G 7T variant into the fold, which should push the price north of $750. We expect an introductory price of around $769.

As per rumors, the Chinese OEM will unveil the 7T first in India. The Asian country doesn’t have the infrastructure to facilitate a 5G device, so, it’s highly unlike for the country’s residents to opt for a 5G phone at a higher premium. OnePlus, who is one of India’s leading smartphone brands, must know all about the priorities of its largest market and will act on it as warranted. OnePlus could launch a non-5G variant for around $700.

What’s New

OnePlus hasn’t confirmed anything about the specs, so, it’s all speculation at this point. However, there are some key areas, which should get a bump in the upcoming release.

As confirmed by these images, OnePlus 7T won’t have a hole-punch display and will look identical to the 7 Pro. Yes, the 7T succeeds the OnePlus 7 Pro, not the less-priced OnePlus 7. The oversized cover has two cutouts, which could be for the selfie camera or are simply masking the pop-up camera mechanism.

The back shows off OnePlus’ three-camera setup and possibly the Nebula Blue shade. The photographer has cheekily hidden a couple of sections, maybe only to pique our interest.

OnePlus 7T will also have a Pro version and have more power under the hood than the regular OnePlus 7T. According to Max J., the 7T Pro will have have a bigger screen (6.67-inch vs 6.55-inch) and battery than the 7T (4035 mAh vs 3800 mAh), while the other headlining features will remain the same. The battery will come with Warp Charge 30T support, which arguably will charge the battery 20% faster than the 7 Pro. It’ll also have improved camera software.

The OnePlus 7T Pro will also have a McLaren edition, which will come with a whopping 12GB of RAM.

Earlier this year, OnePlus revealed they were working on an all-powerful OnePlus 7T 5G variant. And now, thanks to Samsung News, we are finally getting a glimpse of it. According to the infamous leakster, the Chinese OEM will launch OnePlus 7T Pro 5G this year, and it will be dressed in McLaren’s colors. The McLaren edition could come with a whopping 12GB of RAM.

Another image has been making rounds on Twitter, which gives us a little glimpse at the upcoming OnePlus 7T. According to this leak, the device will have a restructured rear camera setup and come with a teardrop notch. The notch is expected to be smaller than the one found on the OnePlus 7.

The leak also claims that the OnePlus 7T will have a 6.55-inch 2K, Super AMOLED, 90hz, display; be powered by the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, come with 8GB of RAM, offer 128/256GB storage, sport three cameras at the back, and pack a beefy 3800 mAh battery.

The OnePlus 7 series is powered by Snapdragon 855, which was the best SoC money could buy at the time of launch. The OnePlus 7T/7T Pro could be powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus — Qualcomm’s fastest and possibly greatest offering till date.

OnePlus has already confirmed that it will launch at least one 5G device before the year runs out. So, we’re guaranteed to get a 5G-enabled OnePlus 7T in October.

The OnePlus 7T could also offer more color options than the 7 or 7 Pro.


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