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How to root OnePlus 7T (installing TWRP recovery first)

Rooting a device comes with a lot of benefits, even if it has its harms too. For example, once you root the device, you will be able to customize it visually and add features to make it an altogether different experience, but this also means that you will lose payment services like Google Pay, etc. Here’s how to root OnePlus 7T, and for that, we will first need to install TWRP recovery and then flash Magisk root package to gain root access.

How to root OnePlus 7T with TWRP

Download the TWRP recovery for your OnePlus 7T from below.

TWRP recovery download

Stock recovery download

(In case required to remove TWRP and root)

(Via XDA — mauronofrio)

How to install TWRP recovery on OnePlus 7T

We have included the TWRP installation procedure within the root guide given below because right after you install TWRP, you have to install the Magisk package (or DM Verity disabler) to keep TWRP from being removed by the system upon reboot. So, root and TWRP are basically part of one procedure.OnePlus Logo

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OnePlus 7T Root

Let’s see how to install TWRP first and then root the OnePlus 7T.


Do not try anything given on this page if you do not know completely what you are doing. In case any damage occurs, we won’t be held responsible.


The download files and the process for installing TWRP and rooting given on this page are compatible only with the OnePlus 7T. Do not try this on any other device as you might end up damaging your device and permanently brick it.

Here’s how you can install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 7T first, and then root the device (or install DM Verity disabler if you don’t want root).

  1. Make sure you have unlocked the bootloader of your OnePlus 7T. (→ T-Mobile version here.)
  2. Download the required files:
    1. TWRP recovery from above
    2. Magisk root package
    3. DM Verity disabler
  3. Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging on your OnePlus 7T. You may need to re-do it after unlocking the bootloader.
  4. Connect your OnePlus 7T device to PC using the USB cable that came with it.
  5. Transfer these files to your OnePlus 7T:
    • TWRP installer ZIP file
    • Magisk file (if you want to root)
    • DM Verity disabler (if you don’t want to root but keep TWRP)
  6. Now open a command window inside the folder where you have the TWRP file from above. Do this:
    1. Go to the folder where you have the downloaded files.
    2. Type cmd in the folder’s address bar.
    3. Hit the enter key. A command window will open up, and its location will be that folder.
  7. Connect your OnePlus 7T device to the PC.
  8. Run the following command into the command window we opened above to boot your device into bootloader/fastboot mode:
    adb reboot bootloader

    └ If you get a permission dialogue on your OnePlus 7T to “Allow USB debugging”, tap OK.

  9. Install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 7T using the command below:
    fastboot flash recovery <name of twrp file here>.img
  10. TWRP is now installed. But don’t reboot the device yet. Let’s check out the TWRP and root the device. Run this command to reboot into recovery mode to access TWRP:
    fastboot boot <name of twrp file here>.img
  11. The device will reboot to recovery mode and you will see TWRP recovery right there. Tap on the ‘Keep Read Only’ button now to not allow system modifications.
  12. Root your OnePlus 7T. But if you don’t want to root the device, simply install the DM Verity disabler file in place of the Magisk root file.
    1. Go back to the home screen of TWRP.
    2. Tap on Install.
    3. Browse and select the Magisk root package file (or the DM Verity disabler file if you do not want root but want to keep TWRP).
    4. Perform the Swipe action to confirm the installation on the next screen.
  13. Tap Reboot system button to restart your OnePlus 7T to Android. If you installed Magisk, you can verify root access on your OnePlus 7T using a root checker app. (Know that if you do not install Magisk or DM Verity disabler, the device will get stuck in the bootloop at the logo screen.)

Need help with OnePlus 7T root? Let us know in the comments box below.


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