OnePlus 7 Pro update timeline, Android Q, OxygenOS 10, and more: OxygenOS 9.5.11 and DP4 (Android Q beta) rolling out!

Here’s a timeline of software updates for all the OnePlus 7 Pro variants, including the T-Mobile one, in separate sections below. Included are stable OxygenOS as well as Open Beta and Android Q beta updates.

FYI, the OnePlus 7 Pro comes in 3 models: Model GM1911 (India and other regions), GM1917 (US Unlocked), and Model GM1913 (Europe). While software updates for models Model GM1911 and GM1917 fall under the one type, build GM21AA, that for model no. Model GM1913 (EU) come with as build GM21BA.

OnePlus 7 pro OxygenOS 9.5.8

OnePlus 7 Pro Android Q update

  • Android Q beta is available as version DP4
  • Android Q beta based on OxygenOS 10 is expected in October 2019
  • Stable version expected in Q3 2019

OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are now eligible to join Android Q beta testing program. The update is available for download right now and if interested, there’s more to this story here.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the stable version of Q, so be sure that you can deal with minor issues here and there before joining. As for the stable rollout, it should begin soon after Google releases the OS to the Pixels in August 2019.

Global OnePlus 7 Pro update timeline

  • Build GM21AA: Model GM1911 and GM1917 – India and US unlocked
  • Build GM21BA: Model GM1913 – Europe
DateSoftware version — Changelog
02 Aug 2019Android Q DP4 — Improves system performance over DP3 build; Known issues include stability problems, app compatibility problem, Google Pay not working, and needing to set fingerprint security again
[Download link: Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
31 Jul 2019OxygenOS 9.5.11 — August 2019 security patch; fixes issues with touch sensitivity when playing games, accidental touches during calls, Adaptive Brightness, and updates GMS (Google Mobile Services) to 2019.06
[Download link: Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
18 Jul 2019Android Q DP3 — NA
[Download link — Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
08 Jul 2019OxygenOS 9.5.10 — July 2019 security patch; Fixes the issues with original 9.5.9 update; Packs in all the features of 9.5.9 update
[Download link — Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
08 Jul 2019OxygenOS 9.5.9 — Improves camera, GPS, touch screen, Face Unlock, and more
[Download link — Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
18 Jun 2019OxygenOS 9.5.8 — Fixes pop-up camera issue, the audio quality in WhatsApp, touch sensitivity, Type-C headphones connectivity, May security patch, and more
[Download link — Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
06 Jun 2019OxygenOS 9.5.7 — Improves the quality of the three rear cameras, fixes issues with call quality on 3rd party apps, ghost touch (phantom taps), double-tap to wake, and ambient display
[Download link — Model GM1911/GM1917 | Model GM1913]
29 May 2019OxygenOS 9.5.6 — Not available
26 May 2019OxygenOS 9.5.4 — Plenty of improvements to the camera and several fixes to annoying bugs. Details here
16 May 2019OxygenOS 9.5.3 — April 2019 security patch, DC Dimming feature, Improved smooth scrolling, Enhanced audio-visual experience by adding haptic feedback, Added Fnatic gaming mode, Support for VoLTE and VoWifi on Thailand AIS, Optimized photo quality, and general bug fixes

OnePlus 7 Pro update download

T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro update timeline

  • Build GM31CB: Model GM1915 – T-Mobile (US)
DateSoftware version — Changelog
23 Jul 2019OxygenOS 9.5.9 — July 2019 security patch, the update doesn’t bring the new features that the 9.5.9 build for global variant comes packed with
15 Jun 2019OxygenOS 9.5.7 — Fixes Touch screen, improves the camera and messaging, updates Gaming mode | Full version – Oxygen OS 9.5.7.GM31CB
27 May 2019OxygenOS 9.5.6 — April 2019 security patch; fixes the issue wherein OnePlus 7 Pro users on Verizon were unable to answer calls from Verizon’s iPhones
17 May 2019OxygenOS 9.5.5 — March 2019 security patch, bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 7 Pro Open Beta

OnePlus hasn’t released an Open Beta for the OnePlus 7 Pro yet. We think the company will release the first Open Beta as part of the Android Q beta.

We expect the first Android Q beta update based on OxygenOS 10 to be available in October 2019, so that when you can expect the Open Beta 1 update for OnePlus 7 Pro too as this is the update that will bring us first Android Q beta build.

How to install a software update on OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Download the update file from the table above.
    • Both Open Beta and Stable version updates are okay with this guide.
  2. Transfer the update file to your OnePlus 7 Pro.
    • Take care to transfer the update file to the root of the internal storage of your OnePlus 7 Pro. (Don’t put the file inside any folder.)
  3. Open the Settings app on your OnePlus 7 Pro.
  4. Scroll down and tap on System.
  5. Tap on System updates,
  6. Tap on the gear icon in the top right,
  7. Tap on local upgrade.
  8. Tap on the update file you transferred above. (If you saved it inside any folder, it will not show up for selection. See step 2 above.)
  9. Tap on Install Now.
  10. You will see the System update is installing dialogue. Let the system install the update.
  11. Tap on the REBOOT button to restart the device and finish the update.



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