OnePlus 6T update timeline, Android Q, OxygenOS 10, and more: OxygenOS 9.0.16 and Open Beta 16 released with August update

Find the latest updates for the global as well as T-Mobile variant of OnePlus 6T. You will notice that the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T lags behind in updates while the global variant will be scoring the updates quite frequently.

We will also talk about Android Q update for OnePlus 6T on this page, which you can find right below. We estimate when OnePlus could release Android Q for 6T, its T-Mobile variant, and when the update could release for the OnePlus 6T competition like Galaxy S9, Honor 20, Huawei Mate 20, LG G7, etc.


Android Q update release date

  • OnePlus 6T is eligible for Android Q
  • Expected release date is December 2019
  • Developer Preview 3 (DP3) is now available
  • T-Mobile’s 6T could get Q by February 2020

When will OnePlus 6T receive Android Q update?

OnePlus is one of the fastest Android OEMs to update its device to the latest Android OS version. They proved the point beyond doubt with Android Pie rollout where they were able to update the OnePlus 6 and 6T well in November, and OnePlus 5 and 5T by end of December, which is incredible.

If we are to consider a release date for OnePlus 6T Android Q update, we need to look at the Pie release for 5T, which happened exactly on Christmas, December 25, 2018.

So, we expect the Android Q update to roll out for OnePlus 6T by the end of December 2019. And that’s pretty good, considering OnePlus 6T is a 2018 flagship. In contrast, it may easily take OEMs like Samsung, Motorola and LG to release Android Q update for their 2018 flagship up to March to June 2020 — Galaxy S9 and Moto Z3 could get Q update by March 2020, while LG G7 by June 2020.

About the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, well, things change. Now that a US carrier (T-Mobile) is involved, this means extra testing will be done by the carrier on the update, and that results in the delay. We usually see the carrier rollout happen after 1-2 months of the unlocked global variant. Hence, February 2020 release for the T-Mobile OnePlus 6T Android Q update.

Estimated Android Q release for OnePlus 6T competition

Competition deviceExpected release date
Samsung Galaxy S9March 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 8March 2020
LG G7June 2020
LG V30June 2020
Honor 10January 2020
Huawei P20 and P20 proJanuary 2020
Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 ProDecember 2019

As you may see from the table above, only Huawei’s devices come closer to Android Q release (estimated) compared to that of OnePlus 6T’s December release. This also gives us a good idea about how fast OnePlus is with Android OS updates and how bad some of the popular OEMs are.

OxygenOS 10

OnePlus 6T’s Android Q update would be based on the next version of their custom skin, OxygenOS 10.

Currently, on version 9.5, the OxygenOS is already a fan-favorite because of its closeness to stock UI and a gamut of additional and very useful features the OS comes with.

OnePlus 6T will get the OxygenOS 10 beta update first, which should release sometime in November 2019.

The stable OxygenOS 10 update could be out by the end of December 2019.

OnePlus 6T update

Global OnePlus 6T update timeline

In the table below, you will find all the software updates for the OnePlus 6T, be it major Android OS upgrades, regular OxygenOS and Open Beta updates, monthly security updates, Android Q, and more.

  • Android Q beta could roll out by November-December 2019
  • The stable Android Q update is expected to arrive in December 2020 (near Christmas!)
Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
09 Aug 2019OxygenOS 9.0.16 — Installs August 2019 security patch, optimizes pocket mode, fixes a screen recorder bug (with fingerprint unlock), adds Quick reply in landscape mode, brings password settings for Hidden Space, introduces a new Fnatic (gaming) mode, adds features to Zen mode, adds DC Dimming feature, and more [Download link]
08 Aug 2019Open Beta 16 — Installs August 2019 security patch, optimizes screenshot feature, and improves Zen mode by optimizing visual effects and adding Duration feature [Download link]
23 Jul 2019Open Beta 15 — Improvements to OnePlus Laboratory app (new UI, and a new feature called DC Dimming), Screen Recorder feature (new options for FPS, bitrate, and resolution, and ability to hide the floating widget), Weather app, and general bug fixes. [Download link]
13 Jul 2019Android Q DP3 — This is the third developer preview of Android Q, see the changelog here
09 Jul 2019Open Beta 14 — Adds OnePlus clock widget, improvements to System, File Manager, OnePlus Switch and installs July security patch [Download link]
03 Jul 2019OxygenOS 9.0.15 — Installs Screen recorder feature, June update, and betters screen rotation [Download link]
13 Jun 2019Android Q DP2 — This is the second Android Q developer preview. It brings bug fixes and improvements, but also several bugs. More details here
13 Jun 2019Open Beta 12 — Digital Wellbeing, Fnatic mode, and June 2019 security patches
03 Jun 2019OxygenOS 9.0.14 — Updated Android Security Patch to May 2019, Added Support for Quick Pairing of Bullets Wireless 2, Improved stability and compatibility of Bluetooth, Improved confirm password UI for hidden space, Optimized photo quality from the front camera, Fixed issue with ringtone for SMS, Fixed issue with speed dial getting cleared, Fixed issue loading credentials required WiFi requiring Login, and General bug fixes and improvements
28 May 2019Open Beta 11 — Brings Zen Mode and Screen Recorder features along with other bug fixes and increments; full changelog here
15 May 2019Open Beta 10 — May 2019 security patch, more accurate remaining time for completion (OnePlus Switch), bug fixes and improvements
07 May 2019Android Q Developer Preview 1 — Installs the first Android Q developer preview. This is unstable software, so don’t install it on your daily driver
01 May 2019Open Beta 9 — More instant messaging apps now support quick replies in landscape mode, the update fixes the issue where apps get paused when using quick reply in landscape mode, a warning for when the display is overheating, and more
20 Apr 2019OxygenOS 9.0.13 — March 2019 security patch, new feedback tool for reporting bugs and requesting new features, bug fixes, and system improvements
16 Apr 2019Open Beta 8 — April 2019 security patch, added support for ‘quick reply’ in landscape mode, and more
26 Mar 2019Open Beta 7 — The update brings an improved photo editor, UI optimizations to the Phone app and Screenshot, and so on. You can check out the full changelog here
12 Mar 2019Open Beta 6 — March 2019 security update, improvements to the lock screen interface and sensitivity for screen rotation, ability to select contact groups for sending SMS, and more
27 Feb 2019Open Beta 5 — Improved stability for video calls, fix lag when setting alarm, and general bug fixes and improvements
11 Feb 2019OxygenOS 9.0.12 — Google Duo integration with the phone app, improvements to screen and system, bug fixes, and January 2019 security patch
29 Jan 2019Open Beta 4 — Adds support for Quick Reply in landscape mode, OnePlus Laboratory, and more
14 Jan 2019Open Beta 3 — Adds Google duo integration to the Phone app, landscape support for Messaging app, Weather app gets new search options, improved weather descriptions, more unit options for weather data, and better description for the icons used in the app; also installs the January security patch
08 Jan 2019OxygenOS 9.0.11 — Hotfix update, fixes a critical bug in the 9.0.10 update, changelog remains same as that of 9.0.10
28 Dec 2018Open Beta 2 — Caller ID for India, low brightness fix, quicker unlock via PIN without tapping OK, better navigation bar visibility, improved UI for Call History, Create a collection, copy and move photos features in gallery, New illustrations and design on blank pages in gallery, Added recommended tools in Toolbox in Launcher, Improved UI for category tags in app drawer in Launcher
20 Dec 2018OxygenOS 9.0.10 — December Android security patch, Improved Wi-Fi stability for better connectivity, Face Unlock improvements, and Improved Nightscape performance
19 Dec 2018Open Beta 1 — December 2018 security patch, Added toast message when parallel apps are unavailable due to data corruption, Added call history for incoming calls from unknown numbers, Optimized UI for Spam messages and calls, and OnePlus Switch now supports migrating data from iPhone
09 Dec 2018OxygenOS 9.0.7 — Improved Bluetooth stability for better connectivity, Optimized stability for Wi-Fi connection, Optimized standby power consumption, Fixed display issues for lock screen wallpaper, General bug fixes, and improvements, and improved slow-motion performance
06 Nov 2018OxygenOS 9.0.5 — Improves screen unlock performance (fixes issues with the in-display fingerprint sensor), general bug fixes and more
01 Nov 2018OxygenOS 9.0.4 — Installs November 2018 security patch, improves Nightscape, Adds Studio Lighting, and more

6T update

T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update timeline

  • Android Q expected to arrive in January-February 2020
  • Should be released a month or two after it hits the global variant
Release dateSoftware version — Changelog
04 Aug 2019A6013_34_190725 — July security patch, probable battery life improvement
02 Jul 2019A6013_34_190612 — June security patch, RCS bug fixes
16 May 2019A6013_34_190510 — April 2019 security patch and enhanced messaging experience
09 Mar 2019A6013_34_190217 — March 2019 security patch and support for IR94 Video Calling and RCS Messaging
20 Jan 2019A6013_34_190116 — Fixes dialer crash issue and performs various bug fixes and system improvements
03 Jan 2019A6013_34_181228 — Enables support for additional domestic roaming partners
11 Dec 2018A6013_34_181121 — Improves speed of the unlock process by optimizing the working of the in-display fingerprint sensor and audio quality, updates the camera app, fixes Play Store download notification problem, and optimizes Face unlock feature, WiFi AP login UI, and unlock speed of live wallpapers; still on November 2018 patch
20 Nov 2018A6013_34_181029 — Installs November 2018 security patch, improves screen unlock performance, Nightscape mode, general bug fixes and more

What will be Android Q update for OnePlus 6T like

The 6T’s Android Q update will not be exactly the same as the Google Q update for the Pixel devices. That’s because Android Q for 6T will come with OxygenOS 10 custom skin from OnePlus.

Though, as OxygenOS is similar in UI to stock Android, the main differences won’t be in UI, but in the additional features that OnePlus packs with OxygenOS. So, it’s a win-win!

Compare it to Samsung’s One UI skin (or that of LG and Huawei), you get a whole lot of UI revamp there, so much that there is almost no hint of stock Android.

Android R and Android S updates

  • Android R update is fully expected
  • Android S may or may not be released

Given the recent direction that OnePlus has taken, where the OnePlus 5 and 5T have already been guaranteed updates to Android Q while OnePlus 3 and 3T got their third major Android OS update to Pie, you would be forgiven to think OnePlus 6T will also receive three major OS upgrades. But wait, that’s not true.

OnePlus 6’s role

The reasoning is right, but you need to know that while OnePlus 6T was released with Pie, OnePlus 6 was released with Android Oreo and thus OnePlus will deem the OnePlus 6 eligible for Android Pie (released), Android Q (2nd update) and possibly, Android R (based on Pie for OnePlus 3, which was its 3rd OS update).

We wouldn’t be surprised if OnePlus treats the OnePlus 6T with same updates as OnePlus 6, we think the 6T will be eligible for Android Q for sure, but only probably for Android R, but no Android S, even though its 3rd OS update will be Android S.

What do you think? Are you excited about OxygenOS 10?

Will OnePlus stop at Android Q, R, or S with regard to OS updates to OnePlus 6T? 



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