OnePlus 6/6T gain support for landscape quick reply and other enhancements with latest Open Beta updates

OnePlus Open Beta program is meant for fans that enjoy getting their hands on new features and optimizations ahead of the rest.

And indeed, in the latest Open Beta updates for the OnePlus 6 and 6T, there is a new feature that lets users quickly reply to new messages in landscape mode, when watching videos. In addition, the updates tag along the usual optimizations and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new:


  • Added OnePlus Laboratory (OP6)
  • Enhanced gaming mode
  • Improvements to the screenshot function
  • Quick reply in landscape mode makes it easier to reply to new messages when watching videos


  • Now supports world clock with weather information

The major highlight of these two Open Beta updates is the support for Quick Reply in landscape mode. What this feature does is let you respond to texts from apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and so on in the Quick Reply section even when watching videos or playing games in landscape mode and still get to see the text.

OnePlus 6T users have been exclusively enjoying the services of OnePlus Laboratory since launch, but this ends with Open Beta 12 for OnePlus 6. Being an initial release, there is still much OnePlus will be adding to the Lab in future.

The update is airborne, at least for now, but we should add the download links to the software update pages of the two devices linked below once OnePlus avails them.



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