OnePlus 5 update: Android 8.1 Oreo is now ready for download

OnePlus 5 update

Find the table below to get a gist of all the latest OnePlus 5 updates with their changelog.

Update [March 12, 2018]: On March 10, OnePlus started rolling out Android 8.1 Oreo to the OnePlus 5, making the company the second after Nokia on the list of non-Google vendors to have updated their devices to Oreo 8.1. The update comes as Open Beta 6 and weighs a cool 1.61GB.

For an update that doesn’t add a lot to the original v8.0 of Oreo, it’s surprisingly huge. However, Oreo 8.1 is not the only thing the update installs to OnePlus 5.

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Added New auto pick up gesture – answer an incoming call by raising the phone
  • Added global roaming solution

Gaming mode

  • Added new optimizations in gaming mode for immersive gaming experience including notifications blocking, power saving and pausing adaptive brightness


  • Added more clock styles for ambient display
  • Updated Android security patch to 2018-02

OnePlus Switch

  • Supported data migration for application backup

Here’s the download link and flash instructions for those who can’t wait for the OTA notification, which should be ready in a matter of days.

Update [December 24, 2017]: OnePlus has released the Oreo update for the OnePlus 5 users, and it’s coming in as software version OxygenOS 5.0. The update not only brings Android 8.0 OS upgrade but also packs in more than a couple of nifty new features and UI re-design in some parts. Check out below for more details, including changelog.

OnePlus is yet to give Oreo to OnePlus 5T users, BTW, but we do think that 8.0 for the device is closer to release than ever.


‘OnePlus 5 root and TWRP recovery’

Find the latest updates released for the OnePlus 5 in the table below, along with the download link of its firmware so that you can download and install them manually in case you weren’t receiving the update as an OTA.

OnePlus 5 update table

Date Firmware Download Android OS Changelog
10 March 2018 OxygenOS Open Beta 6 Android 8.1 Upgraded system to Android 8.1 Oreo

Phone: Added New auto pick up gesture – answer incoming call by raising the phone; Added global roaming solution

Gaming mode: Added new optimizations in gaming mode for immersive gaming experience including notifications blocking, power saving and pausing adaptive brightness

System: Added more clock styles for ambient display and Updated Android security patch to 2018-02

OnePlus Switch: Supported data migration for application backup

2 March 2018 OxygenOS Open Beta 5.0.4 Android 8.0 Bug fixes: Fixed sound malfunction for incoming call or notification and Fixed sound instabilities during video playback
2 Feb 2018 OxygenOS Open Beta 5.0.2 Android 8.0 Camera: Supported EIS for video recording
Applications: New Launcher V2.2, New Gallery V2.0, New Weather V1.9 and New File Manager V1.7.6
System: Added face unlock function, General bug fixes and improvements and Applied CPU security patch: CVE-2017-13218
30 Jan 2018 OxygenOS Open Beta 5  Android 8.0 Phone app: Added pick-up gesture switcher, added SMS categorized function in India, and removed phone recognized function in India.
System: Removed Clipboard function, general bug fixes and improvements, and applied CPU security patch: CVE-2017-13218.
16 Jan 2018 OxygenOS Open Beta 4 Android 8.0 Launcher v2.3, Drawer categories, Auto folder tagging, Dynamic Icon for Clock, Notification dot optimization, Added OnePlus Switch application for backup & restore, power saving optimization, ‘Search, Translate, or Share a copied text,’ and small changes to file manager and dialer apps.
24 Dec 2017 OxygenOS 5.0 Android 8.0 Android 8.0, new camera UI, beauty effect for portrait mode, parallel apps, new design for quick settings and lift-up display, and more.
25 Nov 2017 OxygenOS 5.0 (beta 1) Android 8.0 (beta 1) Oreo update beta
07 Nov 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.14 Android 7.1.1 Supported Airtel VoLTE in India, Supported Band 66 of Freedom in Canada, Fixed Wi-Fi WPA2 security issue, Optimized battery usage in some cases, Optimized GPS accuracy, General bug fixes
16 Oct 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.13 Android 7.1.1 Supports customization of notification ringtone, Improved launching speed of apps, Optimized adaptive brightness, Fixed issue of YouTube video lagging behind audio, Fixed display issues of some UI elements, Fixed issue of no 4G+ network in some regions, Updated Android security patch to September, General bug fixes
01 Oct 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.11 Android 7.1.1 Now supports customization of notification ringtone, Improved launching speed of apps, Fixed display issues of some UI elements, Updated Android security patch to September, Fixed issue of no 4G+ network in some regions, General bug fixes
31 Aug 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.10 Android 7.1.1 Camera (Photo noise reduction, Improved Camera stability, 60FPS video noise and texture improvements).
Launcher (Added country information of photographers in Shot on OnePlus)
Phone (Fixed accidental touches after hanging up, Improved Jio call functionality, Fixed display issue on calling screen)
System (Improved WiFi stability
Fixed clarity issue of videos taken by SnapShot app, Fixed display issue of new font, Fixed scrolling issue of Play Music)
08 Aug 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.8 Android 7.1.1 OnePlus Slate font, added EIS for 4K video recording, July 2017 security patch, improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity and standby battery, fixed occasional sound leaks in the speakers when using earphones, camera shutter sound bug in silent mode for Indian region, occasional stutters when playing games, battery drain for Jio users
06 July 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.5 Android 7.1.1 Improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity, Clearer voice calling, Video recording now consumes less battery, Vibration intensity when receiving calls is now tuned to a gentler level, Fixed Wi-Fi signal consistently being displayed as weak, Fixed certain apps not able to work under IPv6 network settings, To restore connectivity to a Windows 10 PC, please turn off USB debugging prior to the upgrade
27 June 2017 OxygenOS 4.5.3 Android 7.1.1 Expanded screenshot display issue, Google Translate stutters, Wi-Fi occasional drops, System stability improvements, Camera effect and stability enhancements, Effects of auto-brightness adjustment, Accuracy of data usage statistics

How to install OnePlus 5 update manually

Method 1: Using device storage

Step 1. Download the update file (either OTA or Full) from above.

Step 2. Transfer the downloaded update file to your OnePlus 5. Remember its location. (You can also download the update directly on phone, in which case, it should be in the download folder.)

Step 3. Boot your OnePlus One into recovery mode:

  • Power off your OnePlus 5. Wait for 6-7 seconds after screen goes off.
  • Press and hold Power + Volume up together until you see anything on the screen.
  • Use volume buttons to bring up Recovery mode option at the top of the screen.
  • And then press the Power button to select recovery mode option. That’s it you’ll boot into recovery mode.

Step 4. Install the update. Use the instruction for your recovery.

  • In 3e recovery, use volume buttons to navigate to ‘install update ..’ option and then press the power button to select it.
  • Now, select the update file that you transferred to OnePlus 5 in step 2 above. Confirm this and Oxygen OS 2.0.1 update will be installed on your device.

→ If OTA update doesn’t install using the above method, just use the full ROM file, it should install without problem.

Step 5. The update will start installing, so just wait until that is finished. When it’s done, you will be back in recovery’s home screen.

Step 6. Select ‘Reboot system now’ to restart your OnePlus 5.

That’s it.

Method 2: Using ADB Sideload

Note: Again, you’ll need a stock recovery.

Step 1. Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.

Step 2.  Download the update .zip file on your PC and rename it to

Step 3. Enable USB debugging:

  • Go to your phone’s settings » About phone » and tap “Build number” Seven times. This will enable Developer options on your phone.
  • Now go to Settings » Developer options » and tick the USB debugging checkbox.

Step 4. Connect your OnePlus 5 to PC.

Step 5. Now open the folder on PC where you downloaded the update’s .zip file and then open a command window inside the folder. To do that, do a “Shift + Right click” on any empty white space inside the folder and select “Open command window here” from the context menu.

Step 6. Now issue the following window to command window to reboot your device into recovery mode:

 adb reboot recovery

└ Check your phone’s screen, if it’s asking for “Allow USB debugging”, accept it by selecting OK/Yes.

Step 7. Once in recovery mode, use Volume buttons to navigate up and down between options and Power button to select an option.

Step 8. Select the “Install from USB” option. on the device,

Step 9. Now issue the following command to finally begin installing the update:

adb sideload

└ This will begin the installation of the firmware/update.

Step 10. Once the update is installed, select reboot from the main menu of recovery to restart the device.

That’s it. You successfully installed the update.

OnePlus 5 update issues?

If you need any help with OnePlus 5 updates, sure ask us right below using the comment section.

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