OnePlus 5 to be identified by model no. A5000

We’ve got yet another piece of news on the upcoming OnePlus flagship. And this time, we may have found the model number for the OnePlus 5. Based on what looks like a Chinese radio band certification site, the device is shown here to carry the moniker of OnePlus A5000.

We already know from previous rumors, that OnePlus will be skipping the 4 and directly jumping to the OnePlus 5 naming scheme. We also know that the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3 went by model numbers A2000 and A3000 respectively, so it seems logical to assume that A5000 belongs to the upcoming flagship OnePlus 5.

Previous rumors also indicate that the device is expected to use the Snapdragon 835 chipset and could come with 8GB of RAM this time. But, the area that has been lacking for all generations of OnePlus devices is the display. The OnePlus 5 may finally make the shift to a Quad HD display. This could be true if OnePlus is serious about getting into the VR scenario.

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The never-ending rumors also suggest that the OnePlus 5 may come with a 256GB variant and a glass body too, which could be a first for OnePlus. The Chinese OEM has always delivered amazing quality hardware at reasonable prices and this served as an edge over flagships from different OEMs.

But that line is getting thin, with innovation being the emphasis these days. To catch up to the almost bezel-less LG G6 and Galaxy S8, OnePlus will need to play a trump card far greater than just larger specs.

Source: Krispitech

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