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When will One UI 2 release? [Update: It’s official!]

Last year, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the business, Samsung, overhauled its user interface with the introduction of One UI. Its predecessor, TouchWiz,  had its uses, but an abundance of bloatware left most users more frustrated than satisfied. It took Samsung some time, but they finally got rid of the unsavory elements and launched a reworked UI.

There was a bit of skepticism surround One UI, with many not trusting Samsung to finally deliver a non-intrusive OS. However, based on Android 9 Pie, One UI brought a host of welcome changes, all of which has helped enhance the smartphone experience for users.

This year, Google has ditched the dessert-themed nomenclature and has given us a rebranded Android OS — Android 10. It improves upon Android Pie’s feature set by bringing a few visual and functionality changes. It’s still early days, but the reception, so far, has been nothing short of positive.

Samsung’s basing One UI 2 on Android 10 and will bring most of the OS’ core features to supported devices. The South Korean OEM has neither revealed an extensive list of supported devices nor announced an official release date. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the beta looks closer than ever.

One UI 2.0 Quick Settings Panel
Galaxy S9 running Pie (left) | Galaxy S10 running Android 10 (right)

Latest news

Update [October 12, 2019]: Samsungg has released its first One UI 2 update today. The Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e users in Korea are receiving the One UI 2 beta update based on Android 10 today. The update is said to release in the US and ermany on October 14th.

Galaxy S10 Android 10 beta

Update [October 09, 2019]: It took them a little while but Samsung US has released details of One UI 2 beta program for the Galaxy S10 users in the US. The S10 handsets (except 5G edition) at Sprint and T-Mobile, and the US Unlocked variant, are eligible for One UI 2 beta program. Users will be able to participate in the beta program via the Samsung members app to get the first taste of the Android 10 beta update. Registrations will be opened up, soon. [Update, Oct 9: Samsung has announced the One UI 2 update for Europe too.]

S10 One UI 2 beta T-Mobile and Sprint

Update [October 08, 2019]: Samsung has announced the One UI 2 beta program for the S10 users in Korea. The Android 10 based update will be available soon as beat for the S10e, S10, and S10+, while one for the S10 5G will be announced later.

One UI 2 for Galaxy S10

One UI 2 beta release

  • Released in Korea, comin soon to the US and Germany
  • T-Mobile, Sprint and US unlocked variants of S10, S10e and S10+ to get One UI 2 in the US, Samsung has announced. Coming to Europe, too.

Usually, Samsung isn’t the fastest when it comes to rolling out software updates. But the company is set to turn over a new leaf with Android 10.

As suggested by last month’s leak and many other isolated reports, the company already has a stable beta in place and could announce the beta program before the month of September runs out. The first beta could roll out in the US and some European countries in October. [Update: Announced for Korea (only!) on October 8.]


One UI 2 stable release

Last year, the South Korean conglomerate released the first stable Android 9 build for Galaxy S9 on December 24th, while Note 9 got the same One UI update later in the month. It wasn’t the fastest release by any means, but Samsung finally paid heed to the importance of pushing out software updates as fast as possible.

This year, the company seems to be on a journey to redeem itself. If the beta indeed hits the shelves within October, a stable release should be just around the corner. Samsung could release the stable build of One UI 2 for the S10 and Note 10 devices within November.


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