Screenshots leak of One M9 Marshmallow Update as release draws near

It’s sort of a best hint that HTC One M9 Marshmallow update is really close. We saw similar screenshots leak for One M8 Marshmallow update, and now we have the screenshots supposedly taken from One M9, giving us good clue of work completed as regards Android 6.0 update.

We’re seeing Sense 7 running atop Marshmallow in the screenshots below. When it comes to custom skins, Sense UI is the best of the lot, with Samsung; TouchWiz arguably the worst.

One M9 Marshmallow Release Date

HTC has confirmed more than once on Twitter that they are targeting December end release for the Marshmallow update for One M9. And with this proof, we have little doubt they will have any trouble meeting the year end deadline.

Heck, you could argue that when the work is so much done, why HTC couldn’t push the One M9 Marshmallow release to November end even. Well, we think it’s upto HTC doing the optimization part, which makes its Android build perform a lot better than Samsung’s build.

One M9 Marshmallow Screenshots

One-M9-Marshmallow One-M9-Marshmallow-Update-leak One-A9-Marshmallow-Screenshots One-M9-Android-6.0-Screenshots One-M9-Marshmallow-Update

What do you think about Marshmallow update from HTC, and its release for the One M9?

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