OMG! Android 7.1 can undo System changes you make with root access

A Redditor kailuaboi_ has come up with a new finding on Android 7.1, and it’s a sad one if you have been loving root access since your first Android buy, or whenever.

According to him, changes made to system partition get lost when the device turns on after reboot. Upon upgrading to Android 7.1, this guy rooted his device with systemless root, and switched the back and recents key as usual for convenience.

Though, much to the surprise, the keys were back to stock position after the device was restarted.

If you are rocking Android 7.1 already, and have rooted your device too, then be sure to give it a restart — if you wish so, that is to say.

Do let us know of your findings!

Moreover, do read the full experience of the guy on Reddit thread here. And chip in some of your remarks too, for good.

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