Nougat night mode coming back to Nexus devices running Android 7.1.1 via an update!

Google removed the night mode feature from final build of Android 7.1.1 while keeping it around in 7.0 update builds, which wasn’t exactly to liking of many avid Android fans. Soon, the issue was raised on Issue Tracker, requesting Android team to restore the night mode back in Nougat stable release.

After the issue received tremendous response from Android users — as many as 935 people starred the issue — the Android Team today marked it for FutureRelease, meaning the issue will be solved by making night mode part of the Android 7.1.1 build again.

Now that the night mode existed on Pixel sets running Android 7.1 OS, as Night Light. So, essentially, only Nexus devices running Android 7.1.1 build had no trace of night mode within their system settings, while earlier, on Android 7.0, the nexus sets were able to enable it even if it was hidden under Settings.

Now whether the night mode accessible in Settings by default (read: easy access) or remains hidden under Settings is another question (you will have to enable it).

Even if Android team chooses to bury it under Settings by default, we are fine as long as it can be enabled by using a night mode enabler app, something which we were able to do on developer builds, but not on stable Nougat update.

The next batch of updates for Nexus and Pixel device will be dropping by around December 7, so till then we can only wait.

Via Issue Tracker

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