Double Status Bar icons on Android Nougat

Are you seeing two icons in the status bar? Are you not drunken? No? Well good, then this is indeed an issue with Android Nougat. An issue that has shown up before too in Developer Preview builds, and was fixed at that time too.

Many people are indeed shouting about double icons in status bar: double alarm clock icons, double vibrate icons, double Bluetooth icons, etc. Looks like it is somehow affecting devices on the final build too, but you will be glad to know that this one is very easy to fix.

To fix this: Just restart your device, and it should be gone.

Because there is still no restart menu by default in Android OS, the only way to restart a Nexus device is to power it off, and then start again. Or, use some apps that have restart option. Anyway, to restart now, hold the power button, and select Power off. When screen goes off, hold power button again to start the device.

When device boots up, you should no longer see double icon in the status bar. Enjoy your dose of Android 7.0.

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  • Sami shoutout

    That’s not a fix

    • Ih8idiots

      No, it’s sure as **** not a fix. It’s a “make it stop for the time being” or more correctly, a temporary workaround. Does no one realize that dictionaries are online now? Look up the word “fix.” It’s not hard.

  • deepika

    I did it but still it’s not going!!!