Nope, this is not the Galaxy S6!

Case maker Spigen carries a good record when it comes to outing a popular upcoming device before it gets official. Example devices being Nexus 5, HTC One M8 and LG G3. And today, Galaxy S6 cases gave appeared from the same company, leading to the speculation that yes, this is the Samsung Galaxy S6 for real — except that it isn’t. For your kind info, we saw two different leaks earlier too, an old one here and a new one here.

If you look closely, this is exactly a Galaxy S5, except for the re-positioned camera at the back with LED and heartbeat sensor. This could be Samsung doing an HTC — Galaxy S5 units grown to the size of Galaxy S6 might be in use by Samsung for testing purposes, and for sending case makers like Spigen, in order to hide the real design, made of metal sides and glass back, from leaking out.

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You might be wondering if that’s the case, why would a case maker trouble itself making case for such device and publish it for sale? Well, publicity stunt, dudes! It’s got Spigen good deal of marketing, and credit for it also goes to its earlier success at revealing the true pics of the devices. We agree case makers do get an idea of the device from OEMs so that their flagships have popular accessories available at launch, but this is Galaxy S6 unit above seems to us like a decoy unit.

Except for the back where camera and other things are different to Galaxy S5, it’s even got everything else ditto as S5 — the same dotted back that’s still pretty exclusive to Galaxy S5. If you look at the front, the placement of front camera and the sensors matches too.

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There was a talk of Samsung replacing the swipe-based fingerprint sensor with touch-based one, which requires extra space, leading to speculation that Galaxy S6’s Home button will have larger than what we’ve seen so far. But it’s not the case here.

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