Download Nokia X Flasher: A Tool to Flash System, Boot, Recovery and other Fastboot flashable partitions on Nokia X

If you are familiar with the Samsung’s Odin flash tool, Sony’s FlashTool then you are quite familiar with the flashtools and their uses. For those who don’t know, flash tools are android development software usually used on PC to flash various image files to android system partitions. Most of the Smartphones have flashtools available in the android world. And now a similar tool is developed for tha Nokia X.

The Senior XDA member AngSanley has designed the Nokia X flasher using VB .NET that runs on Windows platform with .NET Framework 4.0. This program helps Nokia X users to install Stock or even Custom roms with a single click. The Nokia X Flasher has a simple design that makes it a Noob friendly program. It packs basic functions like detecting your device, rebooting or reboot to bootloader right from your PC using Fastboot commands.

This software can be used to flash System, boot, recovery, variant, data, cache and preload partitions on Nokia X. The process for flashing the images is quite simple, you have to load the corresponding image of your device by browsing for the file. Then a simple click on Start Flashing! button would do all the magic.

The Nokia X Flasher is currently a beta version and supports flashing of single image at a time. If you want to flash multiple partitions, then you have flash one image and then reset all fields and again flash the next partition. This could be a tiresome process but something is better than nothing right!

Download the latest version of Nokia X flasher from the link provide below:

  Download Nokia X Flasher


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