Nokia working on a Laptop that dual boots Windows and Android

Nokia laptop

Nokia has finally begun to embrace Android after being acquired by Microsoft, the company launched their Android based tablet Nokia N1 last month in China and have already went out of stock twice. We’re yet to try our own hands on the N1 tablet, Nokia’s first ever real Android device, but reviewers are suggesting it to be a great device. Nokia has set foot into the world of Android with N1 tablet, and now the company is looking to expand its product portfolio, starting with a Laptop that dual boots Windows and Android.

Laptops have never been the business for Nokia but now that they are starting fresh, it makes sense to get into businesses the company didn’t go for before. Also, almost all major manufacturers have their eyes set on the smartphone market at this time and we personally feel innovation has almost halted in the Laptop industry, which is still a huge market. If Nokia manages to bring new features to its laptop that other Laptop manufacturers aren’t offering than it might prove to be a good business for the company.

The news of Nokia working on a laptop that dual boots Windows and Android has come from the image above that was posted on Weibo. It isn’t really a solid proof, but the Nokia N1 tablet was also leaked in a similar manner. So we’re looking at it as a positive rumor.

What’s your opinion on Nokia making Laptops? Let us know in comments below..

via weibo

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