Nokia Oreo update: Nokia 8 Android 8.0 rolling out, Nokia 5 and 6 next for Beta OTA

nokia Oreo update rollout

Update [November 25, 2017]: Exactly a month after opening the Oreo beta program via Beta labs for the Nokia 8, the company today released the stable version of their Android 8.0 update for the device’s users around the world. What’s more, they have also confirmed that the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are next in line for beta Android 8.0 update via Beta labs. Expect an announcement for that in next one week, we guess. See more in relevant device sections below.

Update [October 25, 2017]: Nokia has opened its registration counter for the Nokia 8 users, who can now sign up for participation in beta Oreo update program. If you have a Nokia 8 in your hand, we a thing for testing the update before it’s available to public, then we don’t see why you should hold back. Come on, jump to this page here of Nokia beta labs, and make your interest known to Nokia. If selected, you would receive an Oreo update notification on your device soon.


Nokia brand is back in the smartphone business thanks to a company known as HMD, who has acquired rights to release their smartphones under the iconic brand. It’s good to have Nokia Android phones, right? Well, while Nokia has provided us with some decent phones in Nokia 6 and Nokia 8, and they could blow us away with Nokia 9, what about the software update support, like Android 8.0 OTA?

Well, as things stands right now, the future of software updates look really bright for Nokia devices. Company has confirmed that they plan to release the Oreo update for their entire Android devices portfolio — which isn’t much at the moment, yes — but because that includes low-end devices like Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, it’s a promise that no other OEM could make. Let’s talk about these in details below.

Nokia Android 8.0 update list

Device Android 8.0 Oreo Update Expected Release Date
Nokia 3 Expected Q1 2018
Nokia 5 Expected Q1 2018
Nokia 6 Expected December 2017
Nokia 8 Expected Beta program is open (Oct 25).

November 2017

Nokia 9* NA Pre-installed

*Nokia 9 is yet to release, BTW. We think it will launch with Android 8.0 Oreo update pre-installed. Hence, you won’t have to wait for Android 8.0 OTA for this one as it would already get you 8.0 out of the box.

Nokia has revealed on multiple occasions that they would rollout Oreo for all of their current devices. Not only that, they have even assured users that even the Android P update (9.0) would be handed out to their existing lineup. Wow!

Nokia 8 Oreo update

Released on: 24 November 2017

Nokia began their Oreo rollout with the Nokia 8 today, the device on which they have been testing the beta update for the last one month. The stable release took place today, and users of Nokia 8 globally can expect to receive the Oreo update notification on their device in next few weeks.

Nokia 6 Oreo update

Update [November 25, 2017]: Nokia have announced that they would soon open up beta labs for the Nokia 6 Oreo beta build, so let’s hope that happens soon.

Expected release date: December 2017

There have been no Oreo previews for the Nokia 6 yet, but you can take it for granted they are seriously working on 8.0 for this device too. This is a company that has promised Oreo for all of its Android phones, so, it’s a given that their most popular device right now in Nokia 6 has a build under the works.

The Nokia 6 Oreo OTA can be expected to arrive by the end of December 2017. We don’t think a beta update would come out first, as chances are more than not that a stable build OTA would hit Nokia 6 straightaway.

Nokia 5 Oreo update

Update [November 25, 2017]: Nokia have announced that they would soon open up beta labs for the Nokia 5 Oreo beta build, so let’s hope that happens soon.

Expected release date: Q1 2018

Nokia 5 is among the devices mentioned in the Nokia Android 8.0 device list. It would definitely receive Android 8.0 update.

Now, when Nokia 5 Oreo would roll out is up for debate. Our guts tell us that Nokia would look towards releasing the Nokia 5 8.0 update only after it’s done with Nokia 8 and Nokia 6, it’s flagship and popular handsets, but given the similarity in software and hardware of Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 — same processor in use — we wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia is working in Oreo for 6 and 5 together, and follows up 5’s Oreo with rollout for the 6.

Even if that happens, we are looking at December 2017 rollout of Android 8.0. Otherwise, an early Q1 2018 release looks likely.


Nokia 3 Oreo update

Expected release date: Q1 2018

With 2GB of RAM on-board and a MT6737 processor underneath, Nokia 3 may be a budget level device but it’s full capable to run Oreo smoothly.

Given the fact that Nokia doesn’t overlay Android with its own custom skin like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, LG, etc. do, their software is easy to be prepared for Oreo than those who employ custom skins. This is the reason Motorola and OnePlus are able to push software updates easily.

We wouldn’t call it unfair if Nokia takes time preparing 8.0 for Nokia 3, because a later than sooner release of Android OS updates is something we not only usually see, but also expect from OEMs. They can’t be working on Oreo for all five of their devices simultaneously, especially if update rollout can wait for 3-4 devices easily.

Which is why we guess Nokia 3 Oreo rollout would happen sometime towards the end of Q3 2018.

What are your thought about Nokia Oreo update release timeline?

Aren’t they quick to start working on Oreo such that are able to share the screenshots of Nokia 8 running Oreo?

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