Nokia Oreo update: Nokia 7 Plus is receiving Android 8.1, Nokia 3 gets Oreo 8.0

nokia Oreo update rollout

Nokia brand is back in the smartphone business thanks to a company known as HMD Global that has acquired rights to release their smartphones under the iconic brand. It’s good to have Nokia Android phones, right? Well, while Nokia has provided us with some decent phones in the short period of existence, what about the software update support, like Android Oreo or even Android P?

Well, as things stand right now, the future of software updates look really bright for Nokia devices. The company had already confirmed that they plan to release the Oreo update for their entire Android devices portfolio and indeed, as of this writing, only Nokia 3 is still based on Nougat, but Oreo is in beta with an expected rollout in the coming weeks.

The fact that Nokia is updating phones that includes low-end devices like Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 is a feat that no other OEM can achieve. So, let’s talk about these in details below.

Nokia Android 8.1 update list

Device Current OS Android 8.1 Oreo Update Expected Release Date
Nokia 1 Android 8.0 Expected Q2 2018
Nokia 2 Android 7.1 Expected Q2 2018
Nokia 3 Android 8.0 Expected Q2 2018
Nokia 5 Android 8.1 Released 28 Mar 2018
Nokia 6 Android 8.1 Released 28 Mar 2018
Nokia 6 2018 Android 8.0 Expected Q2 2018
Nokia 7 Plus Android 8.0 Expected Q2 2018
Nokia 8 Android 8.1 Released 13 Feb 2018
Nokia 8 Sirocco Android 8.0 Expected Q2 2018

Nokia has revealed on multiple occasions that they would rollout Oreo for all of their current devices. Not only that, they have even assured users that Android P update would be handed out to their existing lineup. Wow!

As it stands, this dream is valid. Of all the available Nokia phones, only two – Nokia 2 and Nokia 3 – are still based on Android Nougat. However, while the Nokia 2 has been promised a direct ticket to Oreo 8.1, those using the Nokia 3 are currently beta-testing Oreo 8.0 on their handsets with an expected release date of early Q2 2018.

Nokia 8 Sirocco Oreo 8.1 update

Expected release date: Early Q2 2018

The Nokia 8 Sirocco was the star of HMD’s MWC 2018 event and while we expected it to come preinstalled with Android 8.1 Oreo, there’s no doubt that this OS is coming sooner than later thanks to Android One. Even before Android One, Nokia phones were still getting timely updates, at least to say. Now that Android One is here, you can expect the Sirocco to jump on the Oreo 8.1 bandwagon immediately it starts selling.

In fact, we won’t be surprised if the phone gets Oreo 8.1 on first boot, but even if it doesn’t it won’t be long before the OS rolls out, probably in early Q2 2018.

Nokia 8 Oreo 8.1 update

Oreo 8.0 released on 24 November 2017, Oreo 8.1 on 13 February 2018

Nokia 8 started receiving the stable Android 8.0 update towards the end of November, making it one of the first non-Google devices to get the OTA. Close to three months later, an update to Oreo 8.1 was rolled out to the handset, once again making it only one of the handful devices to run the newest version of Oreo.

Nokia 7 Plus Oreo 8.1 update

Released on 9 April 2018

Another impressive phone to star at the MWC 2018 was the Nokia 7 Plus. This is the first from the company to embrace the trending 18:9 design, but like the Nokia 8 Sirocco, you get Oreo 8.0 out of the box. Given that it’s also part of Android One, it shouldn’t take long before Oreo 8.1 is available for the phablet, probably at about the same time as the Sirocco.

Update: Just like we had speculated, Nokia 7 Plus is now getting Android 8.1 Oreo update. The OTA installs software version 2.13B, which also carries April 2018 security patches and weighs about 600MB.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Android Oreo 8.1
  • Battery saving navigation buttons
  • Revamped power menu
  • New settings menu
  • Bluetooth battery percentage
  • Updated Google security patch (April 2018)

Nokia 6 2018 Oreo 8.1 update

Expected release date: Early Q2 2018

Many weren’t happy when HMD announced the Nokia 6 2018 with Nougat out of the box. While this was viewed as a deliberate attempt by the company to stay off Project Treble and all that it demands, HMD made amends almost immediately by pushing an update to Oreo 8.0 even before the phone went mainstream.

On booting up, the Nokia 6 2018 will receive an update to Android 8.0, which is a pretty impressive gesture. As for Oreo 8.1, however, the wait is still on, but now that HMD is throwing around 8.1 updates to its 2017 handsets, it shouldn’t be long before the 2018 edition of Nokia 6 joins the party.

Nokia 6 Oreo 8.1 update

Released: 28 March 2018

After upgrading the Nokia 6 to Oreo, HMD Global has also updated the phone to the newer Android 8.1 Oreo. Unlike the Nokia 8 which went through a beta phase before getting the stable Oreo 8.1, there was no beta testing Oreo 8.1 on the Nokia 6, rather, HMD went for a stable rollout, which is perhaps a new way of doing things.

Nokia 5 Oreo 8.1 update

Released: 28 March 2018

In mid-December 2017, HMD pushed the first Android Oreo beta to the Nokia 5 and a little over a month later, the stable rollout kicked off. As of this writing, the Nokia 5 already has a ready update to Android 8.1 Oreo and no, this one isn’t a beta update, rather, the company jumped straight to the stable release.

Like other Nokia phones, the Nokia 5 will also be upgraded to Android P, probably before the year closes or in early 2019, however, we still can’t tell whether it will go through the beta testing phase first before getting the stable or it’ll repeat what just happened with the Oreo 8.1 update. Only time will tell.


Nokia 3 Oreo 8.1 update

Expected release date: Q2 2018

In early December 2017, HMD confirmed that the next big upgrade for the Nokia 3 would be Android 8.0, not Android 7.1.2. Though they didn’t mention the release date at the time, the Nokia 3 has since received an update to Android 8.0 Oreo, albeit in beta.

Beta testing can take anywhere between weeks and months, which is why we have hopes that Nokia 3 users will be running a stable version of Oreo 8.0 before the end of April 2018. As of this moment, it’s still unclear if and when Oreo 8.1 will be released to the Nokia 3, but if HMD Global’s promise is anything to go by, the handset should be upgraded to Android P when the time comes.

April 11: Nokia 3 Oreo update starts rolling out

HMD has started rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo stable to the Nokia 3. The OS is rolling out over the air and is likely to prioritize those who were in the beta program ahead of the rest. Even so, it shouldn’t be long before the rest of the Nokia 3 users get the OTA notification.

Nokia 2 Oreo 8.1 update

Expected release date: Q2 2018

The Nokia 2 was the last Nokia phone to be released in 2017 and as you’d expect, it came preinstalled with Nougat out of the box. As it is, the Nokia 2 will get a direct flight to Android 8.1 Oreo and thus jump v8.0, however, we don’t have any specific timeline as to when this will go down.

Given its entry-level status, HMD also confirmed that as part of the Oreo update, the Nokia 2 will also be updated with Android Go-focused features to ensure that users get optimum performance regardless of the specs sheet.

Nokia 1 Oreo 8.1 update

Expected release date: Pre-installed

The Nokia 1 is the first Android Go device by HMD Global. In case you didn’t know, the current version of the lightweight OS is based on Android 8.1 Oreo and not v8.0. This means that Nokia 1 users get Oreo 8.1 out of the box and thus the only other major OS upgrade expected on the phone is Android P Go edition.

What are your thoughts about Nokia Oreo update release timeline? Let us know in your comments below.

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