Nokia 9 Pureview update: Eligible for Android 10; November security patch now rolling out

The struggles of big names giving in the best of camera features have been quite dramatic, from dual camera mobiles to that harboring triple sensor at the back. Even then, Samsung also succumbed to it by putting a fourth sensor on the back of its phone, the Galaxy A9.

It seems though, the race is not over yet. Nokia 9 PureView has come with its advances to feature a Penta Camera when unveiled by HMD Global during MWC 2019 in Barcelona. The camera has become way too much of a needed asset, and Nokia is giving in to that demand.

Latest News

November 13, 2019: Nokia has been doing its best to keep its elaborate smartphone lineup as up to date as possible, and the company’s most expensive offering, Nokia 9 Pureview, is quite naturally invited to the party.

The company’s latest software offering for the device, however, isn’t anything worth drooling over, but is important, nonetheless. We don’t know the software version of the update right now, but the November 2019 security has been confirmed to be a part of the package.

November 08, 2019: As per Nokia’s previously-released Android 10 schedule, Nokia 9 Pureview should get the taste of Google’s latest OS by the end of the year — Q4 2019. Now, the company’s social media handle has let loose a juicy tidbit, revealing that Nokia’s preparing to roll out Android 10 for the Pureview in early December. We probably shouldn’t take the news too seriously, as the company still hasn’t given us a concrete rollout date, but an announcement regarding the release seems to be on the cards.

Nokia 9 Pureview update timeline

Here is a  brief about all the latest updates released for Nokia 9.

DateSoftware versionChangelog
13 Nov 2019NANovember 2019 security patch
15 Aug 20194.27DAugust 2019 security patch, system stability improvements, user interface enhancements
20 Jun 2019June 2019 security patches
04 Mar 2019Camera improvements

How to force download OTA update

Well, if you are having trouble getting the latest update for your Nokia 9, you can use a trick to force download the update. See the link below.

Nokia 9 Pureview Android 10 update release date

  • The device is eligible for Android 10 upgrade
  • Could be released in early December 2019

Nokia has a good track record in distributing software updates. Nokia 9 is the company’s flagship device, so we expect them to update this device before all other handsets.

While the likes of Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 will take forever to update to Android 10, we think Nokia will be able to deliver a beta Android 10 update to Nokia 9 by November 2019. We expect the stable Android 10 update to arrive by December 2019.