Nokia 6 to release on January 19 in China

Yesterday we told you that the Nokia 6 smartphone had appeared on the online store in China. Now, it seems interested buyers can pre-order the Nokia smartphone to get one on January 19.

When HMD Global announced the Nokia 6 recently, they did not provide a release date. The price and other details were announced, but we didn’t know when one could purchase it. Now we know.

You can head over to and pre-order the Nokia 6 by paying 66 Yuan. Once you’ve registered, you can purchase the device by paying the full amount of 1,699 Yuan on January 19. Make sure you reserve yours soon before all the pre-orders are sold out.

The Nokia 6 is the first new Android powered smartphone with an all-metal body coming from HMD Global. The device features mid-range specifications and provides a good look at what we can expect from Nokia. The 6 is a very premium looking design that has the Nokia look. In terms of hardware, the company will launch high-end devices later this year.

Source: Anzhuo

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