Nokia 6 Android 7.1.1 update now rolling out!

Nokia 6

HMD Global made it pretty clear that it will roll out the monthly security patches alongside software updates quite regularly to all of its phones. It seems like the company is keeping its promise.

We say this, as Android 7.1.1 Nougat update is being rolled out to the Nokia 6 users as we speak.

Arriving with the build 00CN_3_170, the update is 369MB in size and brings along a bunch of new features to the smartphone.

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Firstly, it installs Android 7.1.1 on Nokia 6. Which means you should now be able to utilize launch actions on apps that support shortcuts right from the home screen, express yourself better with the new set of emojis, and more.

Secondly, the OTA brings along improvements in terms of power saving and background management. Also, once the update is installed, the Nokia 6 will offer support for 4G/3G dual-SIM dual-standby.

Besides, the update also installs the April’s security patch on the smartphone which needless to say, gets rid of security vulnerabilities, if any, and brings along bug fixes and overall system improvements.

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It seems like the Nokia USB driver and preload apps have also been updated.

It’s good to see the Finnish company standing tall on its promises. BTW, did we mention that Nokia 6 is currently one of the very few phones to run Android 7.1.1?

Source: Hyken Wong | Via: Roland Quandt

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  • Vishal Giri

    hey team do u have any leaks on when is this phone is going to launch in India coz lot of my friends r waiting for it…

  • Ashwin Prasad

    I remember this old nokia feature where the phones used to have an FM transmitter and receiver built in. So you could play a song from your phone in the car by tuning the car FM to the phone’s transmission frequency. Such neat brilliance. Now with nokia trying a shot at android, they can use that and see how the masses take it. I personally would love it

  • Aditya Pradhan

    Hopefully, we see the new Nokia Devices soon, in the market.

  • Rishab Warrier

    Nokia is all set to return to its glory days of having a rock solid phone.Its build quality is one of the best and its repairing is very simple as most of the components are easy to access.

  • Ashwin Prasad

    This is Nokia’s last dig at making their phone industry work I guess. And for the sake of consumer market, I hope they make it. 🙂
    More competition and variety is always a good thing.

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