Nokia 3 Pie update news and more: Android 9 expected release date

For all the latest Nokia 3 and Nokia 3.1 software updates, you are in the right place. On this page, we’ve put together all info in regards to the Nokia 3 OS and monthly security updates alongside their release dates, software version and changelogs, all in chronological order.

Android 9 Pie update

  • Expected release date: Q4 2018
Device Current OS Android Pie update
Nokia 3 Android 8.0 Expected in Q2 2019
Nokia 3.1 Android 8.1 Expected in Q2 2019

The original Nokia 3 came preinstalled with Android Nougat and even though it has since been upgraded to Android Oreo, it took quite some time before this happened. The long wait has occasionally been blamed on the MediaTek chipset that powers the phone, but that’s a story for another day.

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We do know that the OG Nokia 3 is still among the devices to receive the update to Android 9 Pie. But looking at the time it took to roll out Oreo, we may be looking at another long wait right? Well, it doesn’t seem so, at least based on the tweet below.

The assumption here is that the tweet also has the listed phones’ variants in mind, meaning the Nokia 3.1 should also receive the update to Android 9 Pie alongside the OG Nokia 3, somewhere in Q2 2019.

This is just us making an educated guess, so don’t come for us if the update happens to begin rolling out earlier or later than Q2 2019.

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