Nexus 8 specs and release date hinted in Android Source

The most alleged Nexus 8 device is once again on the News with some fresh leaks and expected release date. Nexus 8 is constantly involved in many leaks which hints the release of the device very soon, if lucky. But according to the latest discovery of MYCE, we believe that Google is trying to come up with something big. The latest diggings in the Android Source code hints the possibility of Nexus 8 carrying a 64-bit Tegra processor.

There are many rumors on a device code named Flounder which has been constantly appearing in the Android Source. The code name Flounder gives us a feeling that this could be the disguised Nexus 8, as we see a pattern in the Google’s interest in naming the Nexus devices with fish names. The latest Nexus 7 2013 devices are named Deb and Flo for the Mobile and WiFi models which cite the Disney’s fish character Deb and her imaginary sister Flo. The previous Nexus models, Nexus 5 is hammerhead, the Nexus 7 is grouper for the WiFi model and tilapia for mobile version and the Nexus 10 is code named manta. So, it fits the pattern correctly and can be assumed as the next Nexus device from Google. (You can get the further references to Google’s fish code names here)

Coming to the 64-bit myth, there are few hints in the Android source code that the device code named Flounder is intensively tested on a 64-bit Tegra processor which is new for the Androids. The Android devices, which are released so far are running on the 32-bit architecture and moving to 64-bit is not under momentum until recent times when Intel hinted its Moorefield  chip which features a 64-bit architecture and aimed for the small Android tablets. And now, the rumored Tegra 64-bit processor in the mystical Nexus 8 just spiced the things.


The mysterious tablet that recently appeared on the Google I/O page is expected to be the alleged Nexus 8. The image of the device on the site is approximately the size of 8-9 inches which can be the Nexus 8. There is no Official announcement on this note from the Google Headquarters, so it is just a wild guess so far. But if it is the Nexus 8, it is likely to be announced at the Google I/O event which is to be held on June 25-26,2014.

So cross your fingers and expect Google to give a blast with the Nexus 8 tablet in the coming event.