Nexus 6 gets MultiROM support

Although stock Android has grown to be so much lovable, specially with the recent Lollipop update, love for custom ROMs still isn’t gone anywhere. There are now more custom ROMs available than ever, and users are literally spoilt of choices. No more are the days when CyanogenMod used to be the best ROM your phone could run.

But how do you coop with all the different choices in custom ROMs? You surely want to install a couple of them for different purposes, but how? Well, the answer is the MultiROM utility, and it’s now available for Nexus 6 users.

MultiROM lets you install multiple ROMs and provides a boot menu on your Android device to select the ROM you want to boot into. Installing MultiROM requires a modified TWRP recovery and a kernel patch to make all the magic happen.

Grab the downloads required to install MultiROM on Nexus 6, along with all other information you might be interested in knowing about the cool utility, at the source link below.

Source: XDA