Nexus 4 gets CyanogenMod 11 aka CM11 too! [KitKat]

Well well, not only the Nexus 5, but its predecessor device, the legendary Nexus 4 too has got its share of AOSP based custom ROM, the CyanogenMod 11, aka, CM11.

CyanogenMod is the most popular of all ROMs in Android-sphere, and is usually the first one to arrive on the latest update. This time around, the Android 4.4 KitKat was first brought to the Nexus 4 by a member of Paranoid Android team, who we shall thank for producing Google Apps (gapps, that is) package too, to be installed with AOSP ROMs.

But CM is not late, and the Android 4.4 builds have finally arrived now, only few days later than Paranoid Android’s pure AOSP builds.

Nexus 4 already has fair share of custom ROMs, based on Android 4.4 (link). Apart from the AOSP KitKat ROM, that based on Nexus 5 factory image is also available.

The CM11 build for the Nexus 4 we’re talking about here, doesn’t contain whole lot of features right now. But the development is ON, and gradually, we expect all cool features that you’ve come to love and have become admirer of, to arrive in no time.

We’ll have a full guide for you to install Android 4.4 based CM11 ROM on Nexus 4 shortly, once we’re sure that the build are worth installing, that is, are stable and good on some features of the CyanogenMod.

Via XDA micku7zu

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  • Kyle

    Is it worth installing and therefore worth the guide?

  • dimsum888

    expect it to be stable in about 1 year.

    • trumblert

      You forgot about them getting 7 million backing.