New v10H update live for LG G4, fixes touchscreen issue!

The international LG G4 is receiving a new update beginning today, and it looks like it’s bringing in some noteworthy improvements to the device. First up, people experiencing the touchscreen issues can rely on the V10H update to fix it in an instant.

Other items of the V10H changelog include better battery usage and improved Bluetooth performance and Email app. That’s you get in this 344.19 MB update.

Moreover, the update’s build date is August 21, and is available for LG G4 sets with model no. is H815.

It’s reported that the V10H root is easily attainable, so if your concern was root access, and Xposed, you need not worry. You’re good to go.

Earlier, V10H update was also available for Rogers Canada, and it brought similar touchscreen fixes for them users too.

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