New Security Update released for Verizon Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

A new update has been released for each of Verizon Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. the purpose is one and simple: latest monthly security patch, form Google.

The build no. for the Verizon Note 5 is N920VVZW2BPF2, based on stock Android build MMB29K. While, for the Verizon S6 Edge Plus, the new software version is G928VVZW2BPF2, based on of course MMB29K stock Android build.

If you own either of these two devices, head to Settings, and look for a system update for PF2 build.

BTW, a similar update has been released for Sprint Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 today, while yesterday it was for Sprint One A9.

Check out our firmware pages below to download the latest firmware in Odin TAR format currently available, while new ones including the above updates will be added as and when they become available.

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