New OnePlus 2 rolling out soon perhaps, and new announcement

OnePlus 2 team member Vikas just let the word out that the new invites are being rolled out soon — although one is right to assume that the invites are always under gradual distribution, at their own pace, we just think a massive one-time rollout is nearing us, worthy of special announcement by the OnePlus 2 team.

Moreover, Vikas also promises us that a new exciting announcement is due to hit fans of OnePlus 2 next week, something we would definitely love to know about and tell you. Btw, recently OnePlus 2 team rollout out a Stagefright fix update with Oxygen OS 2.0.1 for the device, and is it’s already available for download.

Is the next week’s announcements all about massive invites rollout, or it is really something different and new?

We know you would love nothing else than an invite in your Inbox right now, but who knows — OnePlus 2 might be about to give us a freebie or something. Keep watching this space for more on this.

For those who are experiencing trouble using the OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor, here’s a fix.

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