New Metal Back teased for OnePlus One

Favorite of many in 2014, the OnePlus One might soon have a new metal back available as choice, while recently, $49 costing wooden back was also made available. Today, the weibo account of the OnePlus was seen teasing an image that you see above, featuring a periodic table — that’s out hint of a metal case, really! — and time and and a slogan, Never Settle. W’d be spot on to let you know what the team announces at that time, 10 AM, which is real close now.

With good plastic and wooden backs already in tow, it makes sense that OnePlus One would receive metal backs this time around.

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We don’t know whether it’s as easy to get a metal back as a replaceable cover, because we could imaging some sort of extra engineering would be required contain heat released by the body, as metal could become more hot than usual plastic back. Anyways, OnePlus must have figured that out already if there ever was any need of that, and we would gladly accept the metal back for our own OnePlus One.

Via GizmoChina

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