New Google Now Card Notifies You When the Product You Searched is on Sale

google now card

If you had been looking to purchase a new product such as a camera or furniture and feel that it is too expensive, you might leave it for sometime to either save money for it or to get a deal on the product. After a few days or months, you might completely forget about this product and will not know when a sale will happen.

This is where the new Google Now card comes to your help. This new card will remember those products that you have searched in the past and when it finds that the item is on deal, it will remind you. If you have searched for a particular product for several times, Google will assume that you are interested it purchasing the same.


It is believed that this new Google Now card will let the shoppers avail the benefit of the price drop. It might be quite annoying to get notifications for every single product that you have searched. But, it is expected that Google will detect those products that you have searched several times.

Last year, Google launched the flight price tracking card on Google Now and the information has been overhauled in the knowledge graph.

Source: Google+

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