[New Game] Banana Rocks Free: A simple 2D Platformer

Banana Rocks is a 2D endless runner game in which you control the ‘Banana Rockstar’ who is threatened by the humans jealous of him. He has to Run for his life from the humans who are trying to cut him in half!

Banana Rocks is a simple game having simple controls. Banana Rockstar can’t stop runing. He jumps when we tap on the screen. And jumps higher when double tapped on the screen. He has to face many obstacles as he runs. He has to face obstacles such as Knife, Spoons, Saw blades etc, which he has to avoid by jumping.  And you should collect the music notes that comes along the way. When you collect 6 music notes, your Banana Rockstar becomes invincible for a certain period of time!

Banana-rocks-1 Banana-rocks-2

Banana Rocks is the kind of game where you try once and you fail, then hit retry and you fail, and retry again. Overall, Banana Rocks is a good game offering good arcade gaming experience, And can be so addicting and hard to play like the ever popular Flappy Bird. The game is Free version and is ad supported. Also an Ad-Free paid version is there in the Play Store. Follow the link provided below to download, It may be hard to find the game in play store as its a newly released game.

The Good:
  • Simple gameplay
  • One hand Gameplay
  • Free
The Bad:
  • Not so eye pleasing graphics

icon-download Download Banana Rocks Free

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  • Андрій Василиця

    Update is already available, some minor bug fixes, a lot of balance new features, and main features is: controls changes from tap to swipe. Looks realy cool.

  • Kos Vova

    I download this game, very cool, recommend)))