New budget Samsung devices SM-G400 and SM-G405 gear up for release

SM-G400 and SM-G405

Samsung may soon launch three new Android devices (maybe be part of a single series) whose model no. is SM-G400, SM-G403 and SM-G405. Well, their more variants part of the whole program, as we also spotted a model dubbed G406, etc., but that doesn’t matter much.

Today, various models of the SM-G40 series for certified at Bluetooth SIG. Naturally, we looked up these models on the web and found that these models, as well as more variants of the lineup, were certified by Wi-Fi Alliance too, wait for it, back in November 2018.

The exact models that cleared Bluetooth SIG today are:

  • SM-G403F
  • SM-G405F_DS
  • SM-G403U
  • SM-G405U
  • SM-G400U
  • SM-G400F

While at Wi-Fi Alliance, numerous other variants have already passed through. These are:

  • SM-G406U
  • SM-G406U
  • SM-G4038
  • SM-G4058
  • SM-G405XC
  • SM-G403U1
  • SM-G403W
  • SM-G4030
  • SM-G403XU
  • SM-G400XC
  • SM-G400XU
  • SM-G400W
  • SM-G400U1
  • SM-G4008
  • SM-G4000
  • SM-G405U1
  • SM-G405W
  • SM-G405XU
  • SM-G4050
  • SM-G405U1
  • SM-G405W
  • SM-G405XU
  • SM-G4050
  • SM-G400U
  • SM-G400U

Which devices are they

Well, it’s hard to say. There have few SM-G models from Samsung thus far. Here is a gist of them all:

Model Devices
SM-G3 Galaxy core phones
SM-G5 Galaxy Grand phones
SM-G6 Galaxy On phones
SM-G7 Galaxy Grand 2 phones
SM-G8 Galaxy S5 Mini and Galaxy Alpha phones
SM-G9 Galaxy S series

Given the above, we think the SM-G4 models will be budget handsets. It could be similar to what the Galaxy M series is, but we have to have some patience right now and see what Samsung throws at us.

Release date

Well, certification of these models at both Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG leads us to believe us these models are close to the release. We could be looking at March-April 2019 release.

The devices should be released both in the U.S. and globally because we are seeing both the U model we well as F model get certified.

What are your thoughts on these models?

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